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Synthetic lawn manufacturing has come a long way since its introduction in the 1960s. Actually, it’s come a long way since even the early 2000s.

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Modern artificial grass has come a long way. Not only is it now comparable to natural grass in terms of appearance and feel, it actually provides a range of benefits over organic lawn. For one, maintaining natural grass is expensive, and massively time-consuming. Synthetic lawn maintenance is a breeze, with the occasional rake and rinse with a hose generally all you’ll need to do.
Plus, installation is simple, quick and easy. We find that usually within about 3 years, the upfront cost of the artificial turf we supply has paid for itself. Think, no lawn maintenance products, no irrigation, no mowing equipment! Plus, at Layback Lawn you’re backed by an 8-year warranty with all our synthetic lawn.

Natural lawns are seasonal, and will need huge amounts of water during the hottest parts of the year or be at risk of dying. Layback Lawn’s synthetic lawn looks fantastic and vibrant all year-round because they are tested for Australian conditions and contain UV stabilisation. Artificial lawn is better for the environment, too, by using far less water for maintenance in comparison to the natural stuff. Often, keeping natural lawn alive means using nasty chemicals and pesticides that can then pollute water supplies through runoff. No pesticides needed with artificial grass!

Then there’s mowing! Think of the time you could save and spend doing more productive activities than mowing the lawn. It also means you won’t be spewing emissions into the air using lawn mowing equipment. Synthetic lawn is a safe, easy alternative to natural grass that saves you time and money for the important things.

There’s a reason more and more people are buying lawn from artificial turf suppliers like us. From pet friendly homes to putting greens, long, wild-looking grass and short, summer feel lawns, Layback Lawn has the perfect product to suit.



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