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Layback Lawn’s products are premium quality and made to last.

Layback Lawn provides a comprehensive 8-year warranty.

By ensuring we source our wholesale artificial turf from only the very best manufacturers, Layback Lawn’s products are premium quality and made to last. Designed specifically for Australian conditions, we’re so confident in the UV resistant capabilities of our wholesale artificial turf that we cover it against any UV degradation of more than 50% due to a fault with the product for an entire eight years. With when you purchase wholesale artificial turf from us, you can rest assured you are protected in case of a product defect. For our full warranty statement, please see below.



Under normal conditions and ordinary use, Layback Lawn warrants its synthetic grass (except for the ‘Olive Green’ range or any clearance type) for 8 years against:

  • Ultraviolet degradation of more than 50% during the Warranty Period due to a defect or fault with the Product. 


Layback Lawn does NOT cover the following: 

  • Products that have not been purchased from Layback Lawn; 
  • Change of mind or if you make an error in choosing or cutting the product; 
  • Normal wear and tear; 
  • Any shrinkage of the product.
  • Any defects or damage which result from cutting, negligence, misuse or abuse; 
  • Any defects or damage from vandalism; 
  • Any defects or damage created by machinery (including and not limited to cars); 
  • Any defects or damage caused by animals; 
  • Any defects or damage by fire or a chemical reaction; 
  • Any defects or damage resulting from floods or any acts of God; 
  • The use of inappropriate sports equipment or footwear; 
  • Cuts or burns; 
  • Damage due to excessive heat, including the effects of the sun’s energy when magnified by ss or reflective surfaces, or if the product was installed within 1m of glass fencing or other reflective surfaces;
  • Damage resulting from failure to maintain the product in accordance with the maintenance instructions provided to the buyer; 
  • Faulty subsurface preparation or failures in the subsurface after installation; 
  • Settling, drainage and other issues related to the sub base that may occur from work completed by others prior to the installation of the synthetic grass; 
  • Damage, issues or incorrect installation of synthetic turf incurred during a DIY installation; 
  • Damage caused by other parties or contractors after installation of the synthetic grass; 
  • Damage as a result from repair, or attempted repair by anyone other than an installer from Layback Lawn; 
  • Damage caused as a result of the delay in rectifying a fault or defect where the fault or defect was not reported to us within the time periods specified in this warranty statement or if the Product is used after we recommend that use be discontinued; 
  • This also does not warrant that the product won’t become obsolete at some point in the future; 
  • Layback Lawn excludes all other warranties, conditions or liability in relation to the manufacture, sale or supply of the Product and its Installation and we will not be liable for any claim for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or contributed to by the manufacture, sale or supply of the Product and its Installation.


  • This warranty lasts for eight (8) years from the date of original purchase.


  • Warranty claims must be made to Layback Lawn in writing via email to:
  • Email: info@laybacklawn.com.au
  • Warranty on defects resulting from ultraviolet degradation can be claimed within the eight years from the date of receipt of the product. Other than that, any fault, defect or damage to the Product, or any suspected fault, defect or damage to the Product must be reported to us within 30 days of receipt of the Product.
  • All warranty claims must include proof of purchase from Layback Lawn as well as at least 3 clear photos of areas for which the claim is being made.
  • Do not attempt to repair or alter the Product yourself as this will void the warranty.
  • If you do not notify us of your Warranty claim in accordance with the requirements set out in this warranty, we will not be required to investigate the Warranty claim.


  • Layback Lawn endeavours to handle all warranty claims promptly and professionally.
  • Layback Lawn will, at Layback Lawn’s total discretion, refund or deliver the same type of grass at the size of the affected area which has been determined by Layback Lawn to be non-compliant with the above warranty.

Layback Lawn Will 

  • On receipt of a claim Layback Lawn will contact you by email to discuss the claim; 
  • Inspect damage or defect if not resolved by email;  
  • Notify you within 7 days if the claim is accepted or not;
    • If Layback Lawn does not accept your warranty claim and you wish to dispute Layback Lawn’s decision then a letter of dispute must be sent to Layback Lawn within 7 days of our letter giving details of why you are disputing the decision. Layback Lawn will consider any additional information provided. 
    • Layback Lawn will contact you again within 7 days of a notice of dispute, 
    • A further written notice either confirming our initial determination or amending the initial determination will be given 
    • If Layback Lawn does not receive a letter of dispute within 7 days then Layback Lawn will assume there are no disputes and proceed as indicated.

If the Warranty claim is accepted Layback Lawn: 

  • Will take such steps as we consider reasonable to rectify the defect in the Product, taking into consideration the age of the Product and the effect of normal wear and tear; 
  • In its absolute discretion, may include delivery of a new or reconditioned product; 
  • May require you present at the time at which any Warranty Works are carried out. 
  • Any Warranty Works will have a Warranty Period equal to the Warranty Period remaining on the original Product.
  • Any costs or expenses incurred by you in informing us of a Warranty claim will be borne by and paid for by you.
  • If we accept the Warranty claim, all costs of investigating the claim will be borne by and paid for by us.
  • If we accept the Warranty claim, we will bear the costs of the Product only and you will be responsible for paying any labour costs associated with the repairing or replacing.
  • If we do not accept the Warranty claim, all costs of investigating the claim will be borne by and paid for by you. This includes our costs of inspecting the Product, charged at our usual hourly rate of $50/hour and this fee needs to be prepaid by you.
  • If we do not accept the Warranty claim, all costs of any works undertaken to repair or replace the Product will be borne by and paid for by you.
  • As with any manufactured product, there are occasional differences in colour. Layback Lawn cannot be held responsible for any colour shading differences.


  • Layback Lawn will at no time, under any circumstances, give a cash refund. 
  • Layback Lawn will not be liable to pay or reimburse you any amounts relating to any other loss or damage, including for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, other than as set out in this warranty. 
  • Layback Lawn will not be liable to compensate you for any loss of opportunity, loss of profit or loss of income (including loss of wages).
  • Under no circumstances shall the entire liability exceed the purchase price for the defective products. Liability will not be assumed for any consequential damage, loss or expense. 
  • No person or party shall create any obligation or liability for Layback Lawn and only the guarantee as expressed herein shall apply. 


  • We recommend that you inform your insurance company that the synthetic lawn has been installed on your property. Usually there is no additional premium and the cost of replacing the grass is then covered.
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