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Layback Lawn offers easy-to-maintain artificial turf wholesale

Layback Lawn offers easy-to-maintain artificial turf wholesale

Compared to natural grass, maintaining synthetic lawn is extremely easy. However, before you purchase your artificial turf wholesale, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your lawn fresh and beautiful for longer. To have your lawn always looking its very best, we recommend:

• Topping up the sand every three or so years Brushing against the blade to make them stand, especially for high-density lawns
• Keeping the edges clean and soil-free wherever possible
• Rinsing your lawn regularly

We strongly advise against the use of dangerous corrosive chemicals. As the name implies, they corrode material and break it down, and you don’t want that to happen to your lawn. Harsh cleaners are a good example – instead, considering a safe alternative like Jay Fresh Odour Eliminator. Did you know organic matter, including leaves, mulch, dead insects and animal excrement, also releases corrosive chemicals? That’s why it’s important to remove this matter as soon as possible.
Which tools are you using? Plastic rakes are usually better as metal can pull on the grass fibres. Also, a garden blower is a quick, easy way to remove dead leaves, but make sure you don’t blow too close to the grass so you don’t dislodge the stabilising sand underneath. Remember, a longer, more luscious pile length lawn like Coast will need a little more attention to stay comfortable and clean.

You’ll be using far less water maintaining your wholesale artificial turf than you would with natural lawn, but it’s never a bad idea to rinse your grass from time to time, particularly in the drier parts of the year.
Rinsing your lawn is another way to remove matter, food and waste spillage. Luckily, Layback Lawn products are highly resistant to staining.

Our synthetic lawn has been designed to look fantastic in every season, and durable against the climate and hot Australian sun. We even offer a state-of-the-art, specially made heat-reflective lawn called Oasis.
The benefits of synthetic lawn are significant, and it will last even longer with the correct love and maintenance.
If you have any questions about wholesale artificial turf maintenance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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